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Bureau des Arts

What is the purpose of our society? Why is it important to the student population?

The purpose of our society is to facilitate access to arts in all its forms including theater, cinema, painting, cooking, music, dance and fashion ... to Dauphine Students.
We want to live in London as real Londoners and not just like tourists: Everyone knows Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge … But does everybody know that London is full of amazing rooftops which offer an incredible and unique view of that effervescent city? Have you ever admired Saint Paul’s Cathedral from the sky? (well, almost …)


Our projects

What do we do for you ?

The ticket Office:
The BDA’s team is going to negotiate partnerships with different cultural and artistic institutions: Royal Opera House, Shakespeare’s Globe, National Portrait Gallery, ENO (English National Opera), Tate Modern…
We would like to assure free, half-price or promotional tickets to Dauphine Students.

The “Artichoke”:
Kind of “Times Out”: a monthly calendar/ newsletter which fosters all the different cultural events that could interest students, tips about London which facilitate the student life (Restaurants discounts, best places to study, secret gardens ..)



We think that it would be a great idea if Dauphine London could have its own cultural events to reinforce cohesion between the students and to contribute to a friendly atmosphere in the campus, that’s why we would like to organize:
• Competitions with awards: A photo competition, a ceremony of awards for films makers (short films in competition), “Dauphine gots Talents”, and why not a culinary competition like “Master Chef”?
• Conferences with celebrities : Artists, actors, films directors … on cultural subjects
• Discovery day: 1 day in London about a special topic: visit, picnic, concert at the end … (ex: Topic: Shakespeare, we begin with a visit of the different monuments that are important in Shakespeare’s life, and then a play in the famous Shakespeare Globe theater)
• Drama or dance lessons


Our team

The BDA is directed by a board composed of one president, one eventual vice-president, one secretary and one treasurer.

  • President: Juliette Kervadec
  • Vice-President: Not elected yet.
  • Secretary: Not elected yet.
  • Treasurer: Not elected yet.

If you want to contact us with a request or complaint, you can e-mail our Secretary at this address: Secretary's e-mail address.


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