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Music Society

The Music Society seeks to help students who are musicians to continue their instrument(s) in London by creating small groups/bands for all genres and levels in order to produce from time to time a small concert.
Furthermore it will allow students who are not musicians but feel a strong connection to music to participate with the creation of playlists that will vary by theme along the year. 
Moreover the society seeks to promote the London music scene through concerts and festivals suggestions as well as encourage the student population to assist to free events in relation to music.



Our projects

  • We create playlists every month made of the best music from the best artists for your ears to enjoy! These playlists will have different themes over time. They vary in style and genres as well. That way everyone can find a little bit of themselves in the songs.
  • We also had the pleasure of performing at the Christmas Party of 2016. We have 2-3 groups of musicians who will perform again soon!
  • We like to hang out and go to amazing events organised all over London! We even have had the chance to talk and enjoy a few pints with several artists after their concert.


Our team

The Music Society is directed by a board composed of one president, one eventual vice-president, one secretary and one treasurer.

  • President: Raphaële Josso
  • Vice-President: Antoine Muller
  • Secretary: Solène Delarue
  • Treasurer: Hélène De Gaudemaris

If you want to contact us with a request or complaint, you can e-mail our Secretary at this address:


Join Us

We welcome every students, no matter the instruments you play or not, your music taste, etc.

Lucky for you membership is free so don’t hesitate to join!

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