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Dauphine London Union

The Dauphine London Union (DLU) will aim to bring people together and to create a link between the students. We will help the new students to fit in and to enjoy their time in London by managing all the other societies and by creating global events for the community. The connection between the students is essential to create an atmosphere of mutual help and a strong group.

 Our main objectives are:

  • Strenghten the links between the students
  • Create a friendly atmosphere
  • Help everyone feel at home in London

Our projects

The DLU will organise events throughout the year. To achieve its aims, the members of the society will combine the scheduling of both educational and leisure activities. The DLU is the society responsible for the planning and organisation of critical events in the student life of the campus such as the integration week end, parties, conferences… In order to strengthen the links between the students and create a global cohesion inside Dauphine London, we will work in relation with the societies and coordinate their events.  


Our team

The DLU is directed by a board composed of one president, one eventual vice-president, one secretary and one treasurer.

  • President: Louis Latournerie
  • Vice-President: Alexis Baudry
  • Secretary: Jules Rouvillois
  • Treasurer: Clémence Bouchat

If you want to contact us with a request or complaint, you can e-mail our Secretary at this address:


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Hiring is currently closed but will re-open for the next academic year.

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