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DO-it - Dauphine London Web and IT Society

DO-it (the Dauphine London IT Society) is the reference society for any students interested in Computer Science, in the new technologies or simply in broadcasting information. We have two main objectives :

  • Easing the installation of new Dauphine London students in London: the website will provide all the information necessary about London, its secrets and students deals, but also about the Dauphine London campus and administration.
  • Gathering people interested in IT around discussions, projects and events, and helping everyone who wants to learn more about coding or about the technological tools used in the professional world.


Our projects

At the moment, we are only working on this very website, but we already have a few ideas of projects to carry out throughout the year.

  • First, we are considering developing our partnership with UCLU TechSoc, the UCL tech society. Meanwhile, we will closely follow the different events (socials, workshops, speeches, projects...) they offer, in order to join the ones that are open to anyone and that interest us.
  • Then, we intend to organise some workshops of our own along the year. They will take the form of gatherings around one particular theme of IT that interests our members (VBA & Excel, Microsoft Office, website creation without coding, webdesign, HTML & CSS, other programming languages, etc...) and this will be the occasion for beginners to learn more about it.
  • We would also like to implement a specialised pole that will be in charge of contacting the Dauphine London societies (or others) to see if they need a particular help or service that DO-it can provide (development, critic or maintenance of a website; utilisation of technological tools (for instance: for financial purpose); equipment lending...).
  • And what's better than learning to use graphic design softwares by creating posters, stickers or sweatshirts in our image ?
  • Finally, as we believe that fun and social gatherings are the most important aspects of a society, we intend to organise simple meetings around drinks and food, with the only purpose being to have a good time and talk about our passion(s). 


Our team

DO-it is directed by a board composed of one president, one potential vice-president, one secretary and one treasurer.

  • President: Marie-Lidwine Tardif.
  • Vice-President: Juliette Rosenberg
  • Secretary: Pauline Papillon.
  • Treasurer: Anastasia Simon.

Meet our entire team on this page.

If you want to contact us with a request or complaint, you can visit our contact page on this website or use our email address written at the bottom of each page.

If you just want to have a chat or if you have some questions, contact our Secretary at this address:


Join Us

We are currently looking for some new talents to complete our team. Will you be a match ?

One important point to keep in mind: you do not need to know about computing for us to need you. In fact, it's alright for you to be a total beginner with programming languages, website creation or softwares such as Microsoft Office or Adobe. The reason is simple: we need far more writers than developers or designers. The only thing required is motivation. Motivation to learn more about IT, or motivation to broadcast information.

When applying to the society, you can ask to be part of the team of your choice between site content, development or tutoring. You can be part of as many teams as you want as long as you keep your engagement.


  • Site content (writers, proofreaders, moderators)

The site content team is responsible for publishing articles on the website, proofreading the pages and making sure that information is accurate and respects the T&C's.

Team leader: Not determined yet.


  • Development (developers, designers)

The development team is responsible for maintaining the website, criticising the current design and improving it in response to critics, making proposals for an eventual new design and integrating the approved one.

Team leader: Marie-Lidwine T.


  • Tutoring (developers, designers)

The tutoring team is responsible for organising group discussions about IT or tutoring sessions open to everyone willing to learn more about Computer Sciences.

Team leader: Not determined yet.

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