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TVDO - Dauphine London Film and Broadcast Society

TVDO Dauphine Society is a student society which aims at recording everything that happens on the Dauphine campus. We then make the videos ourselves before sharing it through our YouTube channel and social networks (Facebook and Instagram: tvdauphine). Our crew also has some good photographers, in order to be able to catch the best of our student lives in London.

We define ourselves as the link between the different societies, the students and Dauphine in general. We work hands in hands with all the other societies to record each event they want to organize. We also provide teasers and aftermovies for the societies to "shine" as bright as possible.

Our 4 main objectives are the following:

  • Creating videos in order to have "physical memories" of the different events and students that went through Dauphine.
  • Enabling people to develop journalistic skills such as video recording, photography and video making.
  • Gathering students that are keen on video making, video recording and photography.
  • Having fun !


Our projects


We currently have a large field of activities from creation to production:

  • Recording the events of the other societies. As some of our members are keen on photography and cameras, we have a great team for the different records. Our society is not only about video making as it is important to have good "raw materials" to work with.
  • Working with the other societies to make the promotion of their events. We provide the other societies with our services to promote their events: we create unique teasers to respect the different societies' needs.
  • Producing our own content/videos (mostly humoristic). We create these videos freely according to people's wishes. The goal here is to have fun at creating as well as providing the viewers with some funny videos to watch.
  • Video making and creation of aftermovies. We believe that it is important for people to remember their best memories at the different events and it is with great pleasure that we create these aftermovies. The way we make the videos changes depending on what we want to stress from the different events.
  • We would like to shortly begin new projects such as organizing conferences. We want to invite journalists to debate about current issues such as Brexit, migrants, economic crisis ...
  • Finally, as we believe that fun and social are the most important aspects of a society, we meet every two weeks to talk about the society but also, we don't forget that a society is based on people's motivation. That's why we first consider a society as a place to meet great people and have fun.


Our team

TV DO is directed by a board composed of one president, one eventual vice-president, one secretary and one treasurer.

  • President: Pierre-Hugo Reber
  • Secretary: Blandine Bied-Charreton
  • Treasurer: Emma Georget

If you want to contact us with a request, an idea or a need to create a video for your events, you can e-mail our secretary at this address:

Don't hesitate also to check our Facebook page to keep in touch with the society and what we do. You can also join us on Instagram and also watch all our productions on our YouTube channel.


Join Us

We are currently looking for motivated people to join the crew. You don't necessarily need to have any knowledge in video making as we will help you to learn and to find a useful activity for the society. If you have any skill in video making, in photoshopping, in video recording or even in communicating with the public via Internet or through videos, we are really interested in your skills. We believe that everyone has skills to value and we will never give you tasks you don't want to do. You are absolutely free to do what you want and we will just review what you do without oppressing your creativity.

The only condition to meet to enter the society is to be motivated and to participate regularly to the different project we organize. When applying to the society, you can tell us if you don't want to do specific tasks. We will never give you tasks in this domain in order for you to only do things you like to do. We have different poles such as creation, communication, video making and video recording. You can be part of as many teams as you want as long as you keep your engagement.

Feel free also to join us on our YouTube channel and on social networks (Facebook and Instagram: tvdauphine) !

Don't be selfish, let others know...