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Wanderlust - Dauphine London Travel Society

Wanderlust Society aims at enabling students to discover and visit places within the UK and the Europe.

We have three main objectives:


  • Organise trips with certain agencies in order to have discounted prices;
  • Discover the culture, food and night life of particular cities in the UK or the EU;
  • Strengthen the relationships between the travellers and offer an opportunity to get to know each other better.


Our projects

Our projects include to:


  • Display posters, ads and promotions to inform the students about our events and trips;
  • Create a partnership with Dauphine Evasion (sister society in Paris) in order to organise trips together, and with TVDO Society so that they could retransmit the pictures and videos taken during the trips;
  • Organise 2-3 trips of 2-4 days each in the year, starting with English cities, and then followed by European cities;

Trips will include cultural activities such as visits to museums and monuments, and social activities and parties in order to meet new people.


The team

  • President: Helena Stylios
  • Treasurer: Yanick Hejoaka
  • Secretary: Marianne Ferraris


Join us

Recruitment is currently closed but it will reopen in the next academic year.

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